CEO Message

GBS SHIPPING AGENCY was established on the idea of offering customized, creative, high-quality end-to-end logistics solutions. Every member of the GBS SHIPPING team dedicates their everyday work with this objective in mind.

I am proud to personally stand behind every project assigned to us and to support our teams’ contribution to your success. I firmly believe that it is our passion of surpassing customers’ expectations that has enabled us to become the world-class Shipping agency present logistics service provider that we are now.

We can provide high quality husbandry services at all the egyptian ports such as crew change and cash to master (CTM) and etc.. with very economy rates For husbandry services , we offer free of charges of agency fees for owner’s agency as our offer including our fees.

With GBS Shipping Agency as your partner, you can rest assured that you are placing even the most complex logistics program in good hands, confident that we will proactively handle even the most complicated situations with solutions that ensure your request to be arrange and gain your satisfaction.

Sameh El-Gabbas

  • Email: sameh.elgabbas@gbs-shipping.com