Husbandry Services


When you have a vessel in port, it is critical that the husbandry services are provided on schedule and in a manner that is well coordinated with the vessel’s operations.

GBS, as your Egypt husbandry agent, ensures that all of your vessel’s husbandry needs are met in Egyptian ports and the Suez Canal.

GBS always guarantee a smooth operation such as

  • Crew change agent at Egypt
  • Suez Canal Transit agent at Egypt
  • Ship Supplies

Husbandry services that are timely and well-coordinated allow for quick vessel turnaround, which helps you optimize your operating efficiency.

Services including and not limited to :


  • Crew Changes
  • Cash to Master
  • Spare parts handling.
  • Medical assistant.
  • Coordination of booked services.
  • Bunker delivery coordination.
  • Marine Consultation.
  • Parcels Customs Clearance

You can count on us to protect your interests by placing our local experience and contacts to care after your crew change operations and deliver spares clearance and delivery on time . For maximum efficiency, everything was handled through a single point of contact and billed on a single invoice at economic rates .


Crew change

GBS agencies provides their clients with a smooth, secure and in time crew change at Egypt, as we arrange all necessary for both signing on/off crew as follows :

  • Meet and assist at Airport.
  • Obtaining entry visa upon arrival (via providing “OK TO BOARD”
  • Transportation from Airport to Port and vice versa.
  • Signing on/off formalities and assist them till either joining the vsl or catch their flights.
  • Arranging appropriate hotel accommodation (case needed).
  • Quick flight arrangements for the repatriated crew through our excellent travel Agencies.

Also, we provide medical support to vsl’s crew either by transporting the crew to the hospital or through arranging doctor visit on board (case needed) along with medications and medical reports.

Cash to Master


Everyone needs money. On a ship it is a challenge to get green bills. There are – of course – no banks or ATM-machines. But don’t worry, thanks to GBS empty pockets are a rarity. With our Cash to Master service there is always enough money available.

Ships are self-sufficient, so cash is needed to pay salaries, new parts, and supplies. We are asked by shipping companies to bring a certain amount of money on board. The money often ends up in the captain’s cash register.

To ensure that this process runs smoothly, we work together with certified security companies.
The average cost for Cash to Master depends on the amount, the exchange rate, the location, and the conditions.

Let us handle the Cash to Master. There are many simple ways to save money. Let us know what amount you need, and the location and we will send you a competitive quote.


Deliveries to vessel

From an envelope to a heavy ship part: we ensure that you get it on board. We do not shy away from a challenge.

On board deliveries get more complex, because of increasingly stringent regulations at terminals and custom formalities. We make sure your ship or vessel receives all deliveries timely without delay

Whether it’s the shipment of spare parts, multiple pallets of food, chemicals or something else, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver your products to the ship. But that’s not all. We can arrange a warehouse for short- or long-term storage. LBH has 90 offices around the world and can arrange a quick delivery or assistance when needed.